Friday, April 19, 2013

Summer Feber Forever21

I'm at home luckily and I can really really feel the summer amidst all the chaos I'm doing at home. I am very much aware that this is a beauty/health blog but I just feel like infusing it with a bit of fashion. I have yet to get my pay but I'd love to go on bargain hunting. Yes, clothes, baby. I need to get more summery clothes! LOL Excuses, excuses but what the heck

I've got a few inspirations already and these are from Forever 21. I so love this set and the colors are just so me!

This set is so lovely too.

This set is a bit simple yet I love the bag and the silver shoes. It feels so alive. Perfect for summer! :)

And of course since this is still mainly a beauty blog, I would do this makeup so that it goes with all of the outfits above. :)

This post set me in such a good mood like I got purely good vibes from it. It's all good then. Next, shopping!


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