Friday, April 19, 2013

The IT looks for spring 2013

Today, I'll be taking on the looks for 2013. Being the more experimental person, I felt so excited and I'm taking them all on! First, I'll be starting off with a basic natural "clean" face. That is actually the trend, to keep a clean face. Not so good looking skin? Well, we can always cheat with the right foundation, pressed powder, tinted moisturizer or BB cream. :) Here I am with just foundation and pressed powder and a super light moisturizer for my lips.

No flash by the way.

Another must have look is thick unruly eyebrows (I choose thick, but I simply cannot do unruly lol).

Still no flash.

How about some neon colored lips to keep things playful? I didn't use flash for this and my lips don't look neon but in person they truly are.

Instead of shading the upper lids, how about doing the opposite and shade the lower part instead? Keep hair messy or in a bun. This is the grunge look.

How about some bold eyes with effect? With this look, to keep things low key do keep a low key hairdo and nude lips so as to make the eyes more dramatic. Basically this is eyeliner galore. Just draw the entire upper and lower lids. Very simple yet dramatic.

So there you go. Do let me know if you have any other variations. I'd love to see 'em. :)


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