Tuesday, March 12, 2013

5 beauty/healthy habits from my mom

Ever since I've always been addicted to to beauty and health. In fairness, I think I have to give my mom credit for that. Since I was a little kid, I would always notice the many products my mom got for herself. as her  I was now surprised to recall that when I was little, my mom already had the La Mer facial creme which was one of her favorite ones. Back then I didn't even know what it was. From there, my curiosity kinda grew. When I was 5, I already tried my moms makeup and was caught red handed "wearing" on of her red lipsticks.

Through the years, I learned or shall I say got accustomed to a few beauty and health habits that I shall never get rid of.

Scrub it off

My mom always had these different scrubs. Name it, she had it. My mom would always do a foot scrub when she needed it so as to prevent calluses. She also had body scrubs and especially those from The Body Shop. Those were or are here favorites until now. Now, I'm not perfect but I at least I try to maintain the best that I can.

The good ol' multivitamins

 There isn't a day that I don't take my vitamins. I may be a girl who really loves to eat and I'm sure I get a lot of vitamins from food itself, but one can never really be 100% sure now, can we? These are the ones I use on a daily basis. I know my skin is quite fine,my hair is getting healthier and I've always have had good sight. These are the stuff that I get from taking care of myself. My mom always wanted me to take my vitamins even as a child. It surely has paid off.

Run, baby, Run

Already in kindergarten, I was a very active kid and loved to play. My mom enrolled me in Football when I was in 3rd year elementary due to me having difficulty breathing and I had asthma at that time. I eventually enrolled religiously every year until I was 15 and left for the Philippines and I started going to the gym when I was in college and until now I still go to the gym or I jog the doggies. I just can't seem to stop being active. I've built a healthy built. Although I'm bigger than some girls, I'm fine with that as long as I know I'm healthy. One should never be sorry for that.

Multipurpose Vaseline


This was the 2nd placer my mom had besides her La Mer Creme. This is definitely a lifetime saver. I use it for so many things because it is versatile. I use it for my hair if its unruly, lips if they're too chappy, makeup remover, treatment for dry skin and the list goes on. It's really a must have and the best thing is, it's very much inexpensive. I actually have the one in the picture but I rarely use it because I don't wanna use it up.

Not just for babies

I bet we all remember the Johnson's baby shampoo back when we were little. Well, I still use it now, but just like once a week to get rid of product buildup in my hair. It actually helps. Before I used this, my hair would always be a bit oily because of the products I use on my hair. Now, when I use this one, it feels as if my hair has been detoxified. What I do is I dilute just an ample amount in water and use that water to wash my hair. If too much is used, it will definitely dry out the hair.

 There you have it. My go to habits that most likely will not change. Tell me your habit if you want. I love to hear from my readers. :)


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