Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My beloved brushes

I've noticed people have been asking me about what brushes I use and which ones I prefer. Well, since I'm only starting out, I decided to invest in an inexpensive set as I am only experimenting for now. I did my research and finally I decided to get my hands on the e.l.f. 11 pc. Studio brush set. I was so excited because it's inexpensive and their brushes are pretty much decent. 

I got this set from ebay and you can also get them here
as I have yet to see them in their stalls. Let me know if you've seen them because I need to get another for my giveaway. :)

Above is the box and it looked nice to me as this is my first brush set. I've heard it's not good to buy sets, but I need one for practice. Below is a picture of how it looks opened. There is still spaces left for additional brushes. I'm very much pleased about the casing as it is waterproof as well. I'm sure it's not totally waterproof but somehow is fine by me. :)

This is my favorite brush in the line, the Powder Brush. It is soft to the touch and it doesn't make me wanna itch. It gives me a pretty even finish. I usually use it for my pressed powder as I just add liquid foundation with my bare hands. Doesn't feel right if I use a brush. 

This is the complexion brush which comes 2nd in line to my Powder brush. My main use for this one is for my blush on actually as I find the size perfect for my cheeks and it gives a natural blush finish.

Below is the Blush Brush. To be honest, I don't really use this one that much as I find the size too small for its purpose. 

I'm not a fan of brushes to put on liquid foundation because I feel that it gives a streaky application. This Angled foundation brush is sadly not an exception. I don't use this one that much either.

This is also one of my favorites in the line, Fan brush. Actually this fan brush is rather sparse but maybe that's okay so it won't leave any traces when I use it. I use this one predominantly underneath my eyes to take away any fallouts from my eyeshadow. A few brush sweeps and I don't see any fallouts.

My favorite for Eyeshadow, Contour Brush. I use this one actually as a blender for my eyeshadows. It really picks up the eyeshadow very well.

From L-R
Concealer brush - I use this one to blend my eyeshadow at the upper lid.
Small angled brush - This one I use when I want to be precise with my eyeshadow C-line.
Small Smudge Brush - I use it to blend out my eyeliner pen. 
Small precision brush -  This one I use for more precise strokes like adding eyeshadow to my upper and lower lines on my eyes.

Yes, I guess by now you have noticed that there is actually one brush missing and it is the C Brush. I must have left one at our family house as I can't find it anywhere. I did a makeover on my mom! :) It's a nice brush actually and I use it for blending my eyeshadow.

Overall, I'm very much satisfied and I use all of my brushes. I do wanna make additional purchases but maybe from other brands too so I can compare.

Just a suggestion, if you want to get brushes from e.l.f., I do suggest the Studio Line as you get more for your money than by getting the regular ones.



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