Friday, March 22, 2013

Makeup 101: Back to basics

I've got a request on how to do basic makeup. First, I'll start with this post which will practically be about what you need to do your makeup.


First of all, I think color is the most important to decide as this is what people wil see when they look at your face. Rule of thumb is to choose the opposite of what is on the color wheel. Or if that confuses you, just remember that if you already have a strong eyeshadow, go for a more pale lip shade and vice versa. You can pair a warm color with a cool color. I'll show you below.

You don't necessarily have to totally follow the color wheel but it's the basics for you not to look like you've got the rainbow on your face. :) I've tried mixing colors and it just didn't work for me. Hope that helps.


When I started out I just bought the most affordable set that I could find as I was a bit confused what to get. I don't use them now since I got the e.l.f. Studio Line brushes.

These are the basic brushes that I use and I'll categorize them for you so you'll get an idea of where to actually use them:

Powder brush - in the name itself, it is used to add pressed powder to your face. I used this one when I want to lessen the shine on my face.
Complexion brush - this for me is a dual brush as I use it for contouring (I'll explain further later) and for adding blush to your cheeks.
Fan brush - I use it to remove loose particles/eyeshadow from below my eyes.

For my Eyeshadow, I use these brushes (insert from a previous post My beloved brushes):

Concealer brush - I use this one to blend my eyeshadow at the upper lid.
Small angled brush - This one I use when I want to be precise with my eyeshadow C-line.
Small Smudge Brush - I use it to blend out my eyeliner pen. 
Small precision brush -  This one I use for more precise strokes like adding eyeshadow to my upper and lower lines on my eyes.
Next post will be about what products I use that you can use too and how to apply them.


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