Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Brow Facts

We all have days where we feel less inclined to put makeup on our entire face or there are days where we are running out of time to do anything at all. That's fine of course, but to keep yourself looking neat, it is important to take care of your eyebrows. Your eyebrows can make or break how you look. In one way, they shape your face and make you look good.

Here are examples on people have reshaped their eyebrows clinically (I am not promoting the clinic that had the work done, it's just an example):

You can clearly see the differences above. See how all of them look a bit tired with the uneven eyebrows but when they had their eyebrows reshaped, they looked more youthful and perky.

There are many ways to get good eyebrows, but the first step to do if you're not good at shaping is to get them fixed with a professional. They will shape your eyebrows so they fit your face. Now there are many eyebrows to choose from so I have included samples below. Be careful to not get your eyebrows too thin as it tends to age the person. Thick eyebrows tend to make the person look younger. Well groomed eyebrows tend to beautify the person.

Just in case you are unsure of what face type you have, here are examples.

If you look closely at the different face types, you will notice that the eyebrows are shaped differently. When in doubt, ask a professional. When you have achieved the perfect eyebrows, all you have to do is to maintain them. Keep stray hairs at bay by waxing, tweezing, threading or shaving them with an eyebrow shaver.

Personally, I'm so OC with my eyebrows that it's crazy, but I feel I have to anyway.

Good luck with those brows!


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