Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Oh my Dior

As I am more or less satisfied with more affordable products, I can see that this is an item that comes quite in handy for me. I'm happy mommy gave it to me as it didn't fit her skin tone. The shade is Diorshin Nude (Light Beige) which complements me really well as it blends in with my normal skin tone.

Product description:
It is a Natural Creme Glow Gel Makeup with SPF 20. It is the first gel to powder foundation in the Diorskin Nude range. When you apply it to your face, it feels like a creme but when it has settled it feels like a powder foundation.

Here is a picture of the product and as you can see starting on the left you have a velvet pouch for the compact, the box and lastly the compact.

Now I have combination skin really and if I combine my Etude House Foundation Moisturizer and then this one on top, the effect is amazing. It seems to even out my skin tone, cover minor flaws and even pores and I get a flawless application. For me it lasted very long.

This is my hand with nothing on it except lotion.

Here is my hand with the foundation only.

Based on the pictures above, you can really see the difference. It leaves a flawless coverage although light only, for me it's enough. I don't really want to have a cakey face. :)


Feels and looks like my skin but just better
Has SPF 20
Moisturizing but evolves into a creme foundation
The compact is sleek
Flawless look
 Long lasting 
Gives a dewy finish


Cover of the compact is so shiny I'm afraid I might scratch it up (good thing there is always the velvet pouch)
Can't really say anything based on personal use 


This gets most of the checks on my checklist and I'm very happy with it.


Definitely, although it's a bit expensive for my taste at $48 or roughly around Php 1900 more or less but the finish just wins me over. I find it important to have the right foundation and this seems to be the one for me.



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