Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fun under the sun

As requested by my mentor/writer/fellow MegGurl, Veronica Inoturan, I'm going to show how to survive wearing makeup under the heat of summer. I'm sure we all are very much drained by energy nowadays because of the intense sun rays. Even though it's hot, there is always a way to look good  without sacrificing how you look.

Best thing to avoid is actually any liquid foundation or, yes, even the beloved BB Cream. It really tends to melt off. Trust me, I've been testing out my EH BB Cream and even though it does state that it's good for outdoor activities in the sun, sadly it can only take so much. 

Hence my surprise when I used the Pond's Pinkish White Day Cream. Cream tends to melt off but on the contrary, this one stays. I don't use it because it actually lightens my skin (I don't think it does anyways) but at least it makes me less oilier than usual. I also love the facial wash because it's perfect for my skin type as it totally cleanses my face and gets rid of excess oil (always good to have a good skin routine before adding the makeup ;). Going back to the Pond's Day Cream, it actually mattifies my skin and I'm very satisfied with it and I've been using it religiously since I came here back in 2001.

As you can see above, my items are really simple. I also like to use e.l.f Two Way Cake Foundation  on top of my facial Cream because it eliminates shine and makes my skin even. Powder foundation is the way to go now as the weather is so hot. Still, you have to do retouches and also use blotting paper or plain tissue will do.

For the lips, I don't really recommend using lip gloss for example because it makes your lips really sticky. Best way to go for me is the Nivea Lip care stick as it gives me just enough moisture and color and it doesn't dry my lips.

For the eyeshadow, I do suggest you use a primer so that the eyeshadow stays put. I hid my Urban Decay Primer Potion (it's totally divine) in the background because you can clearly see it has been used so many times. You'll be amazed at how long your eyeshadow stays put so make sure that what you do is right as it is hard to correct it afterwards.

So to summarize it all:


Use a good facial moisturizer so that it stays put or even choose a tinted moisturizer.
For a finish, do use Pressed Powder as it stays longer and lessens shine.
Remember to blot with a blotting paper. 
Use a lip care balm for the lips. 
One thing I have not mentioned is that you can also get a Face primer to set the makeup and make it last longer.
Wash your face and then redo your makeup instead.
Powder blush is the way to go.
Use less makeup than usual.
Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner


 Avoid any liquid foundation or facial lotion as it will most likely make you look like a drenched cat as the day goes on.
You shouldn't use lip gloss for example as it makes your lips sticky and awkward.
Don't use a mousse blush on as it won't last long in the hot climate.
Use pencil eyeliner as it will smudge off.
Don't wear lipstick as they have a tendency to melt in hot weather.

Just additional advice, go for a bronzed look as it turns you into a sun kissed goddess in the hot weather. 

Last advice is to go for mineral makeup and always think less is more!

If you have any suggestions or would like to add anything yourselves, then be my guest. By all means. Hope this helps though :)


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