Saturday, March 16, 2013

e.l.f. Super Glossy Lip Shine

The other day I stopped by the e.l.f. stand to check out their products as they're now my first go to when it comes to affordable products. As I am fairly new to the makeup world, I don't wanna waste money on more exprensive items while I'm still practicing. As a person on a restricted budget (self restricted that is as I have a tendency to overspend O_o), I found these two items on sale and take note: buy one take one. :)

 As I experiment more with different eyeshadow colors, I notice that not all lip shades fit the shades I choose. I have merely red, nude and pink. These are just perfect as additionals. The shades I got were the Malt Shake and Candlelight.

My favorite for everyday use is the Candlelight (darker shade) as it is perfect for everyday use and the eyeshadows I like.

Here is how it looked like with the package.

Samples of how it looked like on me (it's like super close to my skin so you can see practically everything but that's fine. LOL)

The lighting in the picture isn't that good as the camera adjusted to the closeness and the lip shade, but these are somewhat the colors.



Malt Shake

The consistency is fine. 
The smell is okay. 
This one in particular has a tendency to even out the longer you use it and it doesn't dry my lips.
Very much affordable.

I can't really think of any.

Personally, I think they both are perfect as I like both the natural shades. I would really like to finish them both and purchase them again. 

129.75 ea but I bought them both at this price because they are on sale and they still are! :)
You can easily find them at Landmark at Trinoma where I got them on sale.


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