Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A take on the L'oreal 2013 S/S look

I got the news not from media but from the one whom I used to look up to (still do actually) when it comes to writing, Veronica Inoturan. You might know her as one of the better freelance writers of  Meg

I've always loved the Smokey look as it really does put emphasis on your eyes and makes them stand out. Although that look is great, I'm also very much excited about the L'oreal S/S Makeup look as it is quite the opposite of the Smokey eyes. It takes on the lips as it's main focus and has less focus on the eyes. 

As excited as I am, I give you my take on this look.

As I understood it, the look for me is almost pinupish. I managed to use a new product on my eyes called Nichido Gorgeous Eye Pencil.

What to do:

1. Put foundation all over face.
2. Add face powder afterwards.
3. Prepare the eyebrows (I use a brown mascara to make mine look stronger but natural).
4. Add eyeshadow primer on eyelids.
5. Put black eyeliner at the edges of the eyes (except for upper and inner eye corner)
6. Draw white on the upper and lower inner part of the eye (follow the whole lower line to create a smudgy effect, use sponge).
7. Curl lashes and add the mascara.
8. Add the lipstick.
9. Add blush.
10. Do some contouring (add some light blush powder at the jawline, temple and on the nose).
Hope it helped! Tell me what you like to do.


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