Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A real Steal: I ♥ U Tweezers just in time for Valentines

I was at the Grocery the other day looking for a Tweezer because my other half conveniently used my favorite tweezer to rebuild his automizer on his Mechanical Mod (yes, I know how this sounds :).

Picture included for you who have no idea what I'm talking about. It's like an Electric Cigarette but this one has a battery instead. Okay, for short it's used for vaping. The healthy version of smoking. Better for my skin and his skin anyways.

So going back to my hunt in finding a tweezer. I am very choosy when it comes to buying and keeping a good tweezer. I have all of these already and my other half has already included them as parts of his toolkit. Convenient for me as I had have no need for them. I used to have around ten but somehow I always tend to lose them. Am I the only one? O_o

 Look at that tip!

I'm sort of glad he used my tweezer as I found an excuse to get another one. Yay! As I searched through the endless tweezers (as I said I'm choosy because there are many that are not effective) I saw this one cute piece that I just couldn't leave without.
Oh boy am I glad because this is the tweezer that turned my world around. I loved the sharp edges and it managed to really grab and hold each hair so tight that even the smalles hairs could not hide from me. Just look at how cute it is in purple! :)

Closer look on the tip.

I have to say, it did not disappoint me. It's just as good and the rubber is amazing and feels better for your grip. It does even more than it's supposed to do. I promise you, this is one tweezer you cannot overlook if you are as OC about your eyebrows as I am.

I found them at Shopwise. They were in this see through box with a green background (will take a picture when I get back there).

Real steal as they only cost me Php 48 or about 80 cents - 1 USD. These even sell on some websites for at least about 3 USD up. Yay for me!

Love 'em! ^_^




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