Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thou shall recieve (think haul but x10)

So yesterday, we got our box from mommy Larraine and Alaine in the states. Let me show you what it contained. I was so surprised everything fit in there. :D I'm not gonna go through everything that was included, but I'll cover the health and beauty stuffs over a few posts or else it will be too much for one read.

Here is the stash ever! If you want to have a closer look, just click on the picture.

So, to the health and beauty stuff and I'll choose this one as my first review as it was a birthday present from mommy Larraine. It's my favorite all time perfume, Daisy by Marc Jacobs. :) Yay :)

 It's one of those you can escape to when you want a daily fragrance that doesn't overpower you. In my words, it's just perfect. It smells like fainted flowers. The packaging is so cute that it's lovely to have on display. It lasts the whole day. Trust me, I always feel like I don't smell the perfume but others do even if you don't.

It smells just perfect and fits for a day to day basis. It lasts practically the whole day. The outer packaging is cute. The perfume itself is a pleasure to look at and it looks good to have on display.

Others have mentioned that they feel that the scent doesn't last so long. This is correct and incorrect at the same time. The scent is there, but you have gotten so used to it that you can't smell it anymore. Ask others, they will tell you.

I love it! Do get it if you like light scented floral perfumes. I'm so grateful I got this and in 125ml too!

See you guys tomorrow!


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