Wednesday, February 13, 2013

❤ Happy Valentines day to everyone! ❤

For this Valentines, I thought of coming with looks and makeup you can do for your special date. Accidentally, I'm doing this with "Kiss the girl" from Little Mermaid as my soundtrack. lol I'm no makeup artist, so I can't give you a tutorial but just the overall look.

Below I have the all natural look. We all know guys like the no-makeup look. So in this picture I used foundation, pressed powder, tons of mascara, pencil eyeliner, eyebrow liner and some blush on the cheeks to add color. To add to the look I took two hairpins so my hair would stay away from the face to give a romantic girly look. I am currently in love with bedhaid hair so I left the waves as they are.

Here's another look that deals more with eye shadow. For the hair style, it is a messy top knot and with two strands of hair at the sides. If it's not messy, just grab the sides of your head and pull your hair a bit. That'll do.

Front look.

A closer look on the eyeshadow.

I used Urban Decay as eye primer and I'm surprised at how "alive" my eyeshadow became. Will give a review on this next time.

Now, spread love to your fellow mates!

Happy Valentines! :)


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